2 thoughts on “Biography”

  1. Chris says:

    Sydney cole your the kinda women that does not need makeup,makeup needs you…you are a perfect 10.

  2. Ron says:

    I’m searching after a woman for life… so beautiful at examplare how you are…
    Will pay 20.000 € for somebody who bring me together with that woman, will pay, if she’s pregnant from me, because I don’t find a woman who:
    – is really cleanly
    – don’t smoke
    – don’t eat much or middle fish/flesh
    – want to make a family

    I have no problem if she was pornstar (of course, she should healthy), or whatever…

    I get a pension of 600 €, so I can live everywhere. I’m from Germany. Can move to the woman, there’s no problem.

    Here my profile:
    veggiecommunity dot org,
    “Benutzersuche” (usersearch) Ronald Zpunkt

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